Aeropress Recipe

Alexandra Istrate

All you want in the morning is to start your day with a good coffee? You get out of bed and instinctively go to the coffee cupboard. You open it and wake up instantly when you notice that you have no more coffee. You’re thinking of going to your favorite cafe this morning. Ah, but wait, it’s a pandemic, and it’s all closed. Grumpy, you go to the corner store and buy a bag of coffee. You get home, turn on the stove, put the ibrik on the fire, pour the coffee, and finally, you can enjoy it. You take the first sip. It’s bitter. We believe that the way you start your morning influences your whole day. Thus, in addition to the many specialty coffee types (burundi, kenya, guatemala etc.) that we provide, we have put together a small brew guide for you to have great coffee every morning, evening, or night (why not).

Aeropress Recipe

The first check we put on our list is for Aeropress.

AeroPress was developed by the owner of Aerobie in 2005 out of the desire to get a great homemade coffee. AeroPress is known for its durability and portability, as well as its ease of use.

Here’s how you can enjoy a perfect Aeropress coffee in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Prepare a sufficient quantity of hot water, both for making the coffee and for heating the utensils.
  2. Weigh 17 grams of medium-fine freshly ground coffee.
  3. Assemble the AeroPress piston and pour 100 ml of water to heat it. Discard the water.
  4. Carefully add 17 grams of coffee and 34 ml of water at 90 ° C, then mix for 30 seconds.
  5. Add the rest of the water up to 70 ml for espresso and 200 ml for a “long black” and mix it carefully with a spatula. The purpose of this step is to make a pre-infusion. Wait a minute, then stir vigorously 10 times.
  6. Put the paper filter in the lid and use the remaining water to rinse it. The role of this step is cleaning the filter of impurities and also pre-heating the lid. Screw the cap onto the piston and press on the piston lightly until the air disappears.
  7. Place on top of a cup or container and press the piston lightly with constant pressure until all the coffee has drained into the container. This step should not take more than 30-40 seconds.

Voila! In just 7 easy steps you can enjoy a super cup of coffee at home and, thus, a great day.


P.S. For each brewing method you choose, you need a qualitative, freshly roasted, and aromatic coffee.

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