Cinnamon Roast: A Bolt Herbal Taste

Alexandra Istrate

Cinnamon Roast: A Bolt Herbal Taste
After being harvested, the coffee beans are kept in their green form to preserve their quality and taste. A green coffee bean does not have the properties of a roasted bean. It is soft when you bite it and has a vegetable aroma. Chemical changes occur in the coffee beans while roasting. When they reach the desired level of roasting, the grains are cooled quickly to stop the process for the coffee to remain as it is wished for brewing. Once roasted, the beans smell like coffee, are lighter because the moisture has evaporated, and are ready for grinding and preparation. For today’s article, we will cool de grains very early in the “first crack” and we will talk about Cinnamon Roast.

3 Things to Know about Viennese Roast

1. Characterized by a dark roasting

Viennese roasts are those dropped in the early moments of the second crack when oil has just begun to migrate to bean surfaces.

While the primary cause of the first crack is the buildup of steam pressure, the accumulation of CO2 is the main reason why the second crack occurs. Just before or after the onset of a second crack, oils appear on the surface of coffee beans - almost all roasters would regard this as an objective indicator of a dark roast. At this point, they are usually a darker color compared to full city roasts for example, and a bit shinier from the release of oils.

2. Bittersweet aroma

In the cup: besides the bittersweet aroma, the coffee embraces a caramelly, pungent, and often nutty or spicy taste - characterized by a heavy, syrupy body.

3. The standard roast degree offered by Starbucks

Have you ever wondered what roasting degree is used for the famous Starbucks coffee?

Well, the answer is Viennese. This roasting level is seen as the “crowd-pleaser”, along with full city roast.

Critics contend that a lighter roast highlights a bean’s uniqueness, while a full city or darker roast blunts too much of a coffee’s acidity and delicacy. But when it comes to coffee, it's all about personal tastes and preferences.

To make the right decision when choosing your coffee according to its degree of roasting, we have added to this list another important thing to know about Viennese roasting.

4.* Loss of aroma

Roasted beans gradually lose aroma during storage through outgassing. Darker roasts, with their weaker and more porous cellulose structures, lose aromatics more quickly than lighter roasts do.

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3 Things to Know about Cinnamon Roast

1. Characterized by a light roasting

A light roast is achieved by roasting the beans at a relatively lower temperature.

Cinnamon is characterized by light roasting, the coffee beans are removed from the toaster, very early in the "first crack". Few consumers want the green, grass-like aromas, often "peanuts" of a cinnamon toast. However, some larger companies that sell coffee to cost-conscious consumers favor the very low loss of CINNAMON roasting, because a lightly roasted batch of coffee does not lose much weight from moisture loss, so the amount of coffee ready to be sale and prepared will be higher in this case compared to a darker roast.

2. A grassy, rooty taste, high acidity, and strong aromas.

In the cup: coffee has very acidic notes, often "green" or "peanut", with herbal and floral aromas, with a very light body.

3. Not oily

The grains have a light brown color and are not oily at all because they have not been roasted enough for the oils in the grain to come to the surface.

Since we understand how important coffee is for all of us, and especially how important is the degree of roasting for the final taste of it, we complete this list with a fourth thing to know about cinnamon roast:

4*. More caffeine

Often lightly roasted coffee is the one that contains more caffeine. Basically, a small amount of caffeine is lost as the roasting time increases. Therefore, through a shorter roasting time, a higher caffeine level is maintained.

! Roasting removes very little caffeine, as this is a very stable compound in coffee beans.

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12 APRIL 2021, Alexandra Istrate


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