Everything you need to know about Cappuccino

Alexandra Istrate

What is a cappuccino? Cappuccino is an espresso based beverage similar to the Latte but with a stronger espresso flavor, typically composed of a single espresso shot, hot milk and the surface topped with foamed milk. However in some parts of the world, like Austria, Prague, Budapest and other parts of the former Austrian empire cappuccinos are still made more like Vinnese Kapuziners topped with whipped cream and other additives.

The origins of the cappuccino

‘Cappuccino’ comes from Latin “Caputium”,which is the diminutive form of the word “cappuccio” meaning hood.

Most people think that the  birthplace of Cappuccino was Italy. Although it may be invented by an Italian, it was probably invented in Vienna in 1700s, where the name “Kapuziner ” first popped up in Viennese coffee shops.

Cappuccino History

Shortly after the popularization of the Espresso machine, the Cappuccino was reinvented by Italians. One of the first records of a cappuccino has been found to be in 1930. After The World War II the cappuccino making gained some improvements and simplifications in Italy as the espresso machines were better and widely available. This is when the modern cappuccino was born.

Cappuccinos were first popularized in Europe and England. In England, cappuccino was the first form of espresso that was popularized because people there were accustomed to drinking coffee with milk at the time, but the distinct texture set it apart from the regular coffee with milk.

In America,  the cappuccino was spread in the 1980s thanks to the marketing of the coffee shops. In recent years some European cappuccino customs have changed. Most notably some Europeans began to drink cappuccino throughout the entire day rather than only in the mornings.

Now that you know everything about the cappuccino, it’s time to start making it yourself! If you own an espresso machine, you can easily begin brewing a cappuccino in the comfort of your own home.

24 JANUARY 2021, Alexandra Istrate

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