Special Christmas Gift Idea

Alexandra Istrate

hat surprises do you have in mind for your loved ones this year? Socks, gloves, scarves… scented candles? You took them all, for everyone, and you have no ideas left. You want something to make them happy, to remind them of you, to be used with pleasure. We have an idea. Coffee! This Christmas, as a gift, offer coffee. What else could be the perfect match for those Christmas cakes?

But not just any coffee

A good one A special(ty) one

Roasted especially for the holidays, with subtle notes of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and, maybe… some orange?! Mm, the perfect combination for Christmas mornings.

Take your laptop, your favorite blanket, and let’s make your loved ones happy. No hassles, no crowds in the mall, no falls on the ice. Plus, you can be the first to have elves as helpers for this mission. Blu elves. Blu Coffee elves, actually.

All you have to do is order the gift and enjoy the best part – giving it.

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