The Best Ways of Coffee Storage

Alexandra Istrate

How to Store Coffee. To enjoy the aromatic taste of coffee, it is important to pay attention to how it is stored. We recommend consuming coffee beans within 3 weeks of roasting, and ground coffee within 2 weeks of roasting. It is essential to keep the coffee away from heat, moisture, air, and light. We recommend keeping coffee in our bags or in tightly closed containers, in dry and cold places. What could be more pleasant for a coffee lover than the smell emanating from the freshly opened coffee bag? Unfortunately, this smell loses its intensity and the complex aroma of coffee is temporary. Below I will describe some ways in which we can enjoy its fresh flavor for longer. The basic principles are simple. We want to limit temperature fluctuations, oxygen access to coffee, and exposure to light.

Do’s and Don’ts of Coffee Storage Depending on the Container’s Type

Original bag

It’s a good way to keep the coffee fresh if the coffee bag is resealable and it has a valve for removing carbon dioxide.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel containers with lids allow coffee to be stored. It blocks and releases oxygen outside to protect the freshness of the coffee.

Ceramics or glass

Ceramic or glass containers with ceramic lids isolate the coffee very well. When we opt for glass it is necessary to choose a place where light doesn’t reach.


Many grinders or espresso machines have large storage containers that can hold a considerable amount of grain, but we suggest adding just as much as you need for your current preparation and keeping the rest sealed.

The refrigerator

The refrigerator: it’s a myth.


Well, during roasting in the coffee bean, the pyrolysis reaction occurs. One of the compounds resulting from this reaction is carbon dioxide. Its role is to propel volatile aromatic compounds that are present in coffee beans. The coffee bean seen under a microscope looks like a sponge. Flagrant oils and carbon dioxide are stored in the bubbles of the sponge. When we take the coffee out of the fridge, the difference in temperature and humidity creates condensation. Condensed water seeps into the bubbles in the coffee bean allowing carbon dioxide to be released at an accelerated rate. The results are a tasteless coffee and a refrigerator with a pleasant smell of coffee.


We encounter the same reactions as in the refrigerator for keeping the coffee in the freezer. However, we can keep the coffee in the freezer if we want to do this for a long time, in an airtight container. When we take the coffee out of the freezer, let it gradually reach room temperature and do not refreeze it.

Now that you know everything about coffee storage all you need is some coffee to store!

12 APRIL 2021, Alexandra Istrate

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