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How to make the perfect Espresso at home
Espresso is a concentrated coffee with an intense aroma. It was first prepared in Italy and the name comes from its quick preparation time (which makes it perfect for those moments when we are in a hurry). This brewing method is a good option for those who want to cut off the caffeine as well because Espresso coffee contains 18% less of it.

Everything you need to know about Cappuccino
What is a cappuccino? Cappuccino is an espresso based beverage similar to the Latte but with a stronger espresso flavor, typically composed of a single espresso shot, hot milk and the surface topped with foamed milk. However in some parts of the world, like Austria, Prague, Budapest and other parts of the former Austrian empire cappuccinos are still made more like Vinnese Kapuziners topped with whipped cream and other additives.

How to make coffee at home like a pro
The year 2020 was not the most beloved, but now that it is over, we can focus on receiving the good things that will come with this new beginning! After all the insecurity offered by this period, one thing that stands still is the brew guide we have prepared for you.

Christmas countdown: 5 days
Christmas is almost here! The gingerbread is already part of the family, along with the Christmas blend we have been enjoying since the beginning of December. For the Christmas atmosphere to be complete, we are waiting for some snow. But with or without it, Santa will surely find a way to reach everyone, as he does every year. Imagine crossing the whole earth in one night. Madness. I don’t know about you, but I would be really grateful to have a coffee waiting for me next to that glass of milk and those delicious cakes… or maybe 3?!

Special Christmas Gift Idea
hat surprises do you have in mind for your loved ones this year? Socks, gloves, scarves… scented candles? You took them all, for everyone, and you have no ideas left. You want something to make them happy, to remind them of you, to be used with pleasure. We have an idea. Coffee! This Christmas, as a gift, offer coffee. What else could be the perfect match for those Christmas cakes?

How to make a great coffee at home
All you want in the morning is to start your day with a good coffee? You get out of bed and instinctively go to the coffee cupboard. You open it and wake up instantly when you notice that you have no more coffee. You’re thinking of going to your favorite cafe this morning. Ah, but wait, it’s a pandemic, and it’s all closed. Grumpy, you go to the corner store and buy a bag of coffee. You get home, turn on the stove, put the ibrik on the fire, pour the coffee, and finally, you can enjoy it. You take the first sip. It’s bitter. We believe that the way you start your morning influences your whole day. Thus, in addition to the many specialty coffee types (burundi, kenya, guatemala etc.) that we provide, we have put together a small brew guide for you to have great coffee every morning, evening, or night (why not).

Viennese: A Bittersweet Experience in a Cup
As it was described in last week's articles, light roasts offer acidic, floral, and fruity flavors, a more delicate aroma, and less body than dark roasts. Dark roasts develop smoky, pungent, bitter, and carbonized flavors. To start the series of dark roasting, today's article will be about Viennese Roast.

Full City Roast: A Ripe Fruit Aroma
Today's article will be about Full City Roast. This roast is the one that results if the roasting process isn’t stopped immediately after the first crack - waiting, the grains thus catching a darker shade of brown compared to those resulting from the City roasting.

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